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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Would You Pay to Work? by Cheryl Blackburn

What would you pay to get a job??

There are some jobs you may need to “pay” for before you can work there. Sometimes it’s a training fee. Sometimes you have to buy your uniform. And sometimes it’s a processing fee. Are there any jobs in this world that are worth paying out good money to have?

Before you answer, let’s take a good look at some “hidden” fees or expenses that people don’t usually consider when asked that question.

For instance, say you want to be an attorney. They make lots of money, right? Thousands, hundreds of thousands a year sometimes. So, is it worth the $150,000+ price tag for the education you have to buy to be an attorney – more when you consider $75,000 or more for four years of undergraduate work? ( /) Perhaps. What about all the hours, the years, you have to sacrifice just to get that law degree, and the time away from your family to earn it? Would you consider that an expense? What about the hours…years…spent in class and studying for exams?

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to be an attorney after all. Or a doctor – those years spent in school and the expenses can reach six to ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the practice you want to go into.

Instead, you want to be a teacher. That’s a worthwhile profession. First, you need a bachelor’s degree in education. According to US News and World Report (2021; the cost of a teaching degree (BAEd) in the United States, a four-year degree, has increased nearly eighty percent in the last two decades. The average tuition can range from just under $12,000 in a state college for resident students to almost $45,000 in a private college. That’s per year. It takes at least four years to complete a bachelor’s degree and another two years to earn a master’s degree. If you want to specialize in a particular subject or teach at the college level, you can pay nearly double that.

Then there are the licensing fees and required professional development hours each year. In Illinois for instance, a Professional Educator License (PEL) requires 120 hours of professional development (PD) each year. Registration for PD offered by the state averages $10 per hour. Registration for licensure is $10 per year. Over ten years, the average teacher in Illinois pays out 1200 hours in PD and $12,000 or more in fees beyond what they paid to obtain that license in the first place. (

The average pay for classroom teachers in public schools in Illinois is $27,008 per year, or $13 per hour ( )

Let’s look at a truck driver’s salary. As reported by Indeed, an online job-search site, truck drivers, especially if they are independent, can average more than $180,000 per year. That sounds great until you consider that expenses – truck maintenance, fuel costs, and fees - run around 70% of that gross income. After expenses, the average truck driver makes about $50,000 a year.

Even nurse’s aides, who can receive their certification in less than six months, have to “pay” to work. First, it costs between $600 to $2000 for their training. The exam can average anywhere from $60 to $150 depending on the state. Consider the fact that they have to buy their uniforms and shoes. And like doctors, nurses, teachers, and other professionals, aides must re-up their license every 24 months, again depending on the state, at an average cost of $80 per exam. Other expenses include equipment such as stethoscopes, medical scissors, oxygen (O2) monitors, etc. Their average pay is about $15 per hour; that comes to around $31,200 before taxes for a full-time schedule.

So, you see, everyone “pays” to work. The average person just doesn’t stop to think about how much money and time they are actually paying out to work for someone else. Once you realize how much your job costs YOU, you may decide that the little bit you get back is not as substantial as you originally thought.

Don’t get me wrong; some of those jobs are worth what you have to put into them if you love what you do and the pay versus expenses isn’t a problem for you. On the other hand, people are paying out a lot in sweat and money to work a job they hate, for a boss they can’t stand, for a salary that barely pays their bills and keeps them away from their family and friends. So, you have to ask yourself, is your job worth it all?

When I was teaching, I convinced myself that what I was doing was well worth the little bit of pay I earned, the hours I had to put in, and the lack of recognition I received. I was teaching children (and later adults). I was broadening minds. I was living from paycheck to paycheck with no savings or retirement plan. But I loved it.

I did. The teaching part, anyway. I still do. But the money and the time spent did not compensate me for everything I put into it for the past thirty years. Not by far.

So, what is the alternative?

I am here to tell you that I have finally found a job – a business of my own - that is worth every effort I put into it and any money I spent to start this career. How much did it cost me? $100. What is the potential income? Virtually unlimited. My earning power depends solely on the effort I put into it. And that requires only the minimum if I so choose. I work the hours I want. I work where I want, whether that be from my home or at the park. And I have an entire company with the best system, the best products, and the best people behind me, supporting me, encouraging me.

What is this wonderful opportunity and where can you find it? It is LegalShield. To describe the benefits and support you receive from the amazing people you work with would take another thirty pages. But I don’t need to. We have a complete system at the ready, with videos that explain the services we provide and the income potential for anyone who wants to join us. We have wonderful success stories from both members who have used our services to successful associates earning income beyond anything they thought possible.

The potential to earn is limited only by what you are willing to put into the business.

This is no fly-by-night pyramid scheme. Don’t say to yourself, “Right. They start you in the business, have you sell their products, and they let you flounder on your own.” Not so. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a company that has been in the same business for over fifty years, ranked the Best Online Legal Services in 2022 by Investopedia and the Best ID Protection by Forbes in May 2022. It’s a family of like-minded, ready-to-help people who, whatever level they have reached in the company, are ready to be there to help and support the newest associate to the highest earner. It’s a company that is constantly rewarding the people that work with them with bonuses, incentives, trips (they’re paying for a trip to Maui next month for more than 500 associates), and much more. Even many of our part-time associates have qualified for the perks this business can earn you.

There are no hidden costs, no yearly fees, and no need to buy any extra equipment, technology, furniture, or business attire,…unless it’s something YOU want. The company does not require anything but that $100 start-up fee to help offset the costs of setting you up with TWO free websites and all the training videos you could possibly need.

Still skeptical? Check it out for yourself. Follow the link below to a short video describing the company and the business. After the video, you can follow a link for even more information, or you can schedule an appointment with an associate who can provide you with more information and answer your questions.

It won’t cost you a thing to look into it. I am positive you will like what you see. 

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Would You Pay to Work? by Cheryl Blackburn

What would you pay to get a job?? There are some jobs you may need to “pay” for before you can work there. Sometimes it’s a training fee. ...